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Praying Together



Pneuma is a church plant based in Washington D.C. Pneuma was established in 2017 with the principle that God and community are first. With that being said, they are ready to create a brand that represents the culture that God has created within their ministry thus far.


They decided on the name Pneuma because they want to be intentional with following the spirit as they continue their ministry.

They are one house church with the goal to multiply into multiple house churches all over D.C. With that in mind, they didn't want their branding to look like an established church because that is not what a newcomer would see in their church.

My inspiration was actually from old paintings of the Holy Spirit. The spirit is usually represented as a circle around the head or represented as a dove. I kept seeing stained glass windows in the paintings as well. With a modern twist, I combined all three of those elements I saw to create the logo!


brand colors

The color palette is based on a stained glass window but manipulated to bring in organic colors to create a natural atmosphere. As an untraditional church plant, the green colors will represent a natural community rather than a big corporation. The blue and black colors are utilized to bring a calming and grounding presence. 

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