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Universities throughout the country have created a Roundnet club to compete with each other. Roundnet Club at UAFS wanted branding that would stand out above the rest of the Roundnet Clubs.

Logo 1.png

brand colors

The color palette is based on UAFS and Spikeball color palettes to create the Round Net Club's own color palette.

My inspiration was the round net itself. Modern and clean lines are attributes of design that gen z adore. To keep a collegiate feel to a modern logo, I used a font that would mimic a normal collegiate font. Because Spikebal has their copyrights, I included a spike ball in the logo so Round Net Club at UAFS' audience knows that "round net" is "spike ball".

In addition to the primary logo, I was also asked to create a secondary logo that contained the same elements but could be clearly seen for printing purposes. I decided to base this logo on a sticker design while still maintaining the spike ball illustration, font, and colors.

Logo 2.png
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