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Compass Church based in Jonesboro, AR partnered with Ethos Church of Nashville, TN to implement prayer and fasting throughout their city. Ethos Church's movement is "Awaken Nashville" but in Jonesboro, there is already an "Awaken Church". Therefore, Saturate Jonesboro was born. Compass Chruch wanted to maintain unity with their partner's branding while also creating a unique brand of their own.


brand colors

Teal, along with the gradation, was chosen to allude to bodies of water and the act of saturation at the same time. When thinking of the word saturate in light of color, bold, bright colors are implied.

Saturate Jonesboro was inspired by the element water to not only symbolize baptism and the cleansing of water that is represented in the Christian life, but also how water can saturate a property that can be absorbed. With this symbolization, it captures Compass church's goal of saturating their city with prayer and fasting.

With a modern, wordmark logo, I implemented subtle lines to represent immersion of water and saturation. For branding purposes, an icon logo was inspired by the primary logo for efficiency and legibility.

Icon Logo 2.png
Icon Logo 1.png
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