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Location: Fort Smith, AR
Services: Brand Identity Package

88 Chaffee Crossing is a residential complex coming soon to Fort Smith! The vision comes from a fourth generation family business, Meadows Properties. Their goal would be to modernize the business and bring opportunities for future projects/complexes into the digital age for social media and marketing purposes by branding each complex starting with 88CC.
Their vision for 88CC was of course a unique logo, but also a brand that cultivates interactions and experiences that inspire them to succeed in life as well as invite curiosity in becoming a resident.

The inspiration for the logo and brand identity comes from a modern/retro interior design style that 88 Chaffee Crossing wants to implement into their complex. The color palette is derived from two schools of thought: Modern design including mostly neutrals like black, white and cream and a retro design including colors like burnt orange, tan and cream. By doing this, it completes the brand identity by creating a cohesive brand between the logo, color palette, typography and patterns!

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