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Location: Russellville, AR
Services: Brand Identity Package & Web Design

The Fallow Place is an organization offering psychotherapy to residents of Maryland and Virginia, as well as virtual coaching and soul care services to residents of other states. Similar to farmland that requires being left unsown to restore its fertility, there are certain situations where taking a break or stepping back is necessary for regaining strength and vitality. The Fallow Place aims to convey to its audience that their soul also requires attention and care. The Fallow Place aims to provide a space for unpacking, rest, and personal growth and restoration. Intentionally creating a symbol for this logo, featuring plowed land and mountains, not only represents farmland but also gives a sense of safety and peace that is widely associated with being in nature. 

To represent Fallow best, we must include shades of green to represent growth, hope, and renewal. In addition, this navy is included in the color palette because it’s representative of stability and trust. The navy also represents the night sky which gives space to rest as well, the darkness that is necessary for soil to heal and repair before growth and new life in the coming light.

The Fallow Place Brand Colors.jpg
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