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Location: Kansas City, MO
Services: Brand Identity Package, Graphic Design Services, & Web Design

Sleek, professional and intentional are some of the characteristics represented in LC Interiors LLC's brand identity. The goal was to simplify her logo as well as set it apart from the competition. LC Interiors' mission statement is "creating pretty spaces for busy people". To accurately represent the professional and minimalistic tagline, I created a hand drawn script of the initials of LC Interiors paired with a serif font. The warm neutrals were inspired by interior being in the home creating that warmth that one should feel inside an inviting home.

LC Interiors LLC reached out to me to expand her business through well done design. She started with a graphic design service & saw the value in well-done design. This projected her to fully dive into a website and rebrand of her original logo through my brand identity package.

LC Interiors LLC.jpg
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